Resin Flooring and Resin Bound

Resin Flooring and Resin Bound Surfaces

Epoxy resin floor coatings can offer practical solutions for commercial settings, offering both a hard-wearing protective coating and an aesthetically appealing finish.   Flooring system technology can be configured to provide differing properties according to their use: from electrostatic discharge (ESD) for sensitive IT equipment; to hygienic solutions for medical and food-grade applications; to simple low maintenance.

One-Stop-Shop Delivery

Frescrete can provide you with a seamless service provision, from repairing and installing pumped underlayment screeds, through to installing multi-layer epoxy polyurethane (PU), and methyl methacrylate (MMA) coating systems.  Thin layered systems can be used for light foot trafficked areas, with more complex thicker layered systems accommodating vehicles in car parks and forklifts in warehouses.  Careful consideration must be made when selecting these coatings relative to the end users’ operational needs including how they perform when wet, what chemicals may come into contact with them, and how to maintain and clean them.

Frescrete also has many years of experience in working with clients, engineers and product manufacturers to assist in the development of product specifications that meet the demands of the differing commercial environments and their maintenance requirements. Applications include warehouses, specialist educational, medical and food preparation areas, as well as car parks and walkways, and most products are available in a broad range of attractive colours.

Frescrete can also offer services to analyse and repair concrete substrates as part of a whole-system approach, offering clients a simple one-stop-shop for delivery that can be backed by manufacturers’ warranties, leading to peace of mind for asset managers and owners.

For durable as well as aesthetically pleasing pathways and vehicular surfaces, Frescrete is also an approved installer of several resin-bound products that can form part of a Sustainable Drainage Standards (SuDS) compliant surface that is designed and built to reduce flood risk.  Coming in a broad range of colours made up of blended aggregates of differing sizes, resin bound paths and drives can provide a stunning finish to a property’s exterior and appeal.

Resin Flooring and Resin Bound Gallery

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