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Food and Beverage Premises

Supporting the FMCG markets requires 24/7 support and minimal downtime. Surfaces have to be kept clean at all times and are often subject to aggressive chemicals either as part of the cleaning routine, or as part of the manufacturing processes. When defects arise in structures and coatings, this can swiftly become a problem that can lead to slip or trip hazards, loss of use, or business critical hygiene issues.

Frescrete has the experience, understanding and knowledge to dovetail in with Engineering Managers’ working practices to repair and reinstate defective concrete and protective resin coatings.

Using skilled tradesmen, Frescrete undertakes work with minimal disruption to break out defective sections, prepare surfaces and reinstate with rapid-setting products that are compatible with the requirements of food-grade environments.

Frescrete know-how can take the pressure off looking after your physical assets so that you can concentrate on operations.

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