Masonry Repairs and Restoration

Masonry Repairs

Frescrete are experts in carrying out structural and cosmetic repairs to masonry on many different building substrates including stone and brickwork in addition to concrete repairs.  This can range from historical and heritage buildings that require specialist repair mortars, to mixed substrates where materials change over time with alterations and extensions, to more modern cavity walls and facades clad in external wall insulation (EWI).

We Start with a Survey

Masonry restoration starts with investigative work to assess the underlying causes of structural degradation prior to formulating a repair method, and Frescrete is well versed at undertaking both visual and intrusive surveys to provide the necessary data for assessments by structural engineers.  This can involve cavity wall surveys to inspect the depth, nature and condition of wall ties and insulation materials, to mapping the wall tie coverage across an elevation using non-intrusive means.

Frescrete have extensive experience in structural strengthening whether by embedding stainless steel helical bar in chemical anchor resins, or by inserting new wall ties, and we can provide documented records of tensile pull out tests on installed anchors to satisfy the requirements of Engineers testing in accordance with BS 8539.

Experienced in Masonry Repair

We also have the expertise to repair and replace masonry and stonework damaged by erosion, frost, impact, or structural stresses and can complement repointed façades with damp proofing treatments and breathable coatings to preserve and protect. 

This can include the installation of damp proof courses (DPC) in accordance with BS 6576 that are warranty backed and are provided with a British Board of Agrément (BBA) certificate to satisfy the requirements of Architects and Engineers.

Where EWI has been damaged or is suffering from defects due to poor installation methods, Frescrete can also provide services to assess and repair as part of an ongoing care and maintenance regime that prolongs the lifespan of these systems. To complement the repairs, Frescrete can offer façade cleaning services that include traditional water jetting, wet and dry blasting, and steam cleaning techniques like DOFF cleaning systems to remove atmospheric dirt, algae, moss and other organic matter, and restore buildings to give them back their “Wow!” factor.

Masonry Repairs and Restoration Gallery

If you have any questions about or Masonry Repairs and Restoration service or require further information, our experienced technicians will be happy to hear from you.

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