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When structures exceed their design lives, repairs can offer a cost-effective solution to prolonging asset lives.

Redundant services and failed coatings in harsh or aggressive environments can soon lead to degradation in concrete that, if left unchecked, can result in the development of more serious structural problems.

Frescrete has extensive experience in assessing damaged or delaminating concrete by hammer testing and performing cover meter scanning as part of initial survey works.

We have undertaken many differing projects in support of utility companies including the removal of redundant telecoms equipment on high rise buildings and subsequent concrete repairs and coatings; repairing and reinstating protective waterproof resin coatings to a reservoir; culvert surveys using confined space trained personnel; and waterproof sealing of ducting in substations.

Frescrete can also deliver a range of concrete repairs as an approved installer in accordance with the principles of BS EN 1504 using warranty-backed high-tech products by brands such as Fosroc, Mapei, Natcem, Sika, and many others.

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