Frescrete Sectors

Frescrete has a great track record of safely managing and delivering construction projects according to the needs of our clients in differing sectors.  Whether it is respecting hygiene standards in the Food and Beverage industry or flexing hours to accommodate schools or hospitals’ needs, Frescrete can provide you with a versatile and tailored service to suit.

Public Sector

Commercial and Industrial

Providing high-performance concrete and masonry repairs services to sustain the commercial and industrial sector.


Providers of services including surveys, wall tie replacement, water and damp proofing, concrete and masonry repairs.

Hospitality Sector

Retail, Leisure and Car Parks

Specialists in supporting retail and leisure sector organisations in maintaining and repairing their building structures.



Providers of condition surveys and installers of concrete and masonry repair systems backed by manufacturers’ warranties.

Health Sector

Public Sector

Experienced providers of high-quality building structure repair and maintenance to the support Public Sector services.

Food and Beverage

Experienced providers of concrete repairs and epoxy resin coatings to food and beverage preparation and production facilities.

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