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Wimpey Phase 2 – Concrete and Structural Repairs to 12 high rise flats in Leeds

Frescrete Ltd were awarded their biggest contract 2 years ago by Henry Boot Construction (who were working for Leeds City Council) following a tender process for 12 number high rise residential no fines concrete H blocks at varying storey heights in Leeds.  The contract was NEC3 2013.

Frescrete had to fully ascertain the extent of repairs required to each elevation on each block using appropriate testing methods. The buildings had to remain occupied throughout the contract therefore disturbance  to occupants had to be kept to a minimum.

Brief Summary for concrete repairs to all flats

Working at height from mast climbers and following hammer test/visual inspection together with cover meter survey Frescrete operatives formed isolation cuts around any defective areas.  After carefully breaking out around the corroded reinforcing bars to ensure the full perimeter of the bars were exposed the steel bars had to be mechanically cleaned back to a shiny steel surface SA2.

Within a two hour period an anti corrosive slurry (Sika Monotop 610) was applied (temporary formwork had to be then held in place using hammer fixings and G clamps sealed within silicone sealant).  Once cured the formwork was carefully stripped away.

An application of Armorcrete was applied to the formwork and left to cure overnight.

Sika Ferrogard 903 an impregnation coating was applied.

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