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Wimpey ‘H’ Block Phase 1 – concrete repairs to high rise flats

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The Wimpey no-fines was a construction method and series of house designs produced by the George Wimpey company and intended for mass production of social housing developed under the Ministry of Works post World War II. No fines refers to the type of concrete used (concrete with no fine aggregates).

Frescrete were appointed by Leeds City Council as main contractors to work on high rise flats from access towers in order to rake out joints to the parapet walls high level suspended concrete panels and repoint using a polysulphide based pointing material. In order to do this the metal plates had to be exposed on the parapet wall/concrete ring beam and a corrosion treatment applied.

Removal of the concrete copings on the parapet wall had to be carried out in order to undertake cleaning and preparation work prior to relaying of the cleaned copings.

These works were carried out over a 5 month period.

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