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Great Sankey – Swimming Pool Inlet Grilles/Waterproofing

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Following a visit by Frescrete in conjunction with Mapie to inspect the exposed grilles and pipe entries to the larger and learner pools we agreed with the client the following recommendations.

After removal of the existing tile adhesive and mesh approx. 300mm surrounding the outlets mechanically scabble back to exposed solid concrete to provide a clean dense substrate. Thereafter carefully chisel and grind around each plastic pipe entry approx. 25mm deep and gun apply Mapeproof Swell hydrophilic sealant. Once this is cured (minimum overnight) apply one coat of Mapei Eporip epoxy adhesive to the parent concrete.

Whilst tacky build out the surface in layers to suite the tile mortar bed using Mapei Planitop 330 or similar repair mortar. Leave to cure and allow the tiling contractor to reinstate the backing reinforced tile adhesive overlapping a minimum 50mm onto the Mapei Planitop.

Further works also had to be carried out to the scum channels – all existing cracks reflecting through the Flexcrete 851 skim mortar had to be filled and finished flush with the adjacent concrete using Flexcrete 851 Mortars, excluding 3 areas which require treating with CEMPROTECH 2000-s /elastic Mortar

The Inlet grilles to the full perimeter skim had to receive a min 2 coats of Mapeilastic Smart and installation of a sealing bead of Mapesil AC white to the full perimeter of each grille


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